Steven W. Johnson

A dream delayed is NOT a dream denied.

-Steven W. Johnson-


Two Girls on a Mission - During Spring Break, two young women, travel to Palm Springs to stop a wedding and kidnap the wrong guy from the bachelor party.

Bare Essentials - A missing heiress escapes a repressive cult and finds sanctuary and true love at a Caribbean nudist resort.

Pier Pressure - 2016 Screenplay Festival Semi-Finalist.
A trophy wife is kidnapped by a bumbling car thief.
Ransom? $50,000.
Delivery? Off the end of a pier at midnight.
Problem? Wrong pier.

The Man in the Orange Mohawk - Bumbling private detective Tubby Wexler is thrust into the world of espionage when he is mistaken for a government agent by a ham-fisted ring of spys who frame him for murder.

Treasure! - A short exploration within the minds of a troubled man in his psychologist's outer office.