Steven W. Johnson

To create believable dialogue just listen to the voices in your head. They will tell you their story.

-Steven W. Johnson-


Not Much of a Crime - Allison King finds herself embroiled in a fight for her life when she decides to run for a vacant seat on the town council. Can she survive the political corruption, intrigue and murder that permeates the town and still save the adult video empire she created in Los Angeles?

The Curious Misadventures of Tubby Wexler, Private Investigator - Tubby believes himself to be the personfication of the 30s, 40s and 50s pulp magazine detectives. He has all the trappings - the rundown office in a dilapidated downtown building, a faithful canine, a beautiful voluptuous Cajun secretary and a host of bizzare clients. The only thing Tubby doesn't have - is a clue!

Hard Times and Soft Soled Shoes - Tubby's Misadventures, Volume 2 - If you loved his Misadventures, you'll roar with laughter as Tubby faces Hard Times!

A Very Tubby Christmas - A young heiress has resurfaced in the blizzard of the century. Tubby is at death's door. Can she be saved before she freezes to death or has Tubby lost his first client?

Bare Essentials - A missing heiress escapes a puritanical cult to find sanctuary and her true love at a Caribbean nudist resort.

Long Tales & Short Shorts - A collection of short stories and longer tales, all with a slightly warped twist.

Pier Pressure - A trophy wife is kidnapped from her home. Ransom? $50,000. Delivery? Off the end of a pier. Problem? Wrong pier!

Two Girls on a Mission - During Spring Break, two young women travel to Palm Springs during Spring Break to stop a movie star's wedding and kidnap the wrong guy at the bachelor party.


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